who we are

Based in Bloomington, Indiana, CoverArts is a group of professional graphic designers most passionate about designing materials for musicians and the music industry. Our combined experience has followed music packaging from LP to CD to digital downloads and streaming (no offense 8-track). As the music industry continues to evolve, so do we. Our aim is to provide the most professional, affordable CD design services for independent musicians.


Quality. We do professional level album and CD design at an affordable price. Every design is unique, made just for your CD release. The designs are created to the exact print specifications for the manufacturer of your choice.

Experience. We've seen it from the inside - the #1 reason independent CD manufacturing gets delayed is problems with the graphic design files. In addition to looking great, you can be assured the final output files we create will be problem-free, no matter who's doing your CD or DVD manufacturing.

Convenience. Maybe you've started a cover design already. Maybe you have some pictures, lyrics and an idea. Maybe you have nothing but a desire for a great looking CD cover design that complements your music. We can pull it together no matter where you are in the process.