February 24, 2008

Cover Styles of the Young and Naked - A Warning!

Naked children and album covers do not mix! Don't let it happen to your son or daughter.

naked album art parody

The real story of the naked kid on Nirvana Nevermind - [VH1.com]
Whatever happened to the naked kids on Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy - [dailymail.co.uk]
The real story behind the naked girl holding a spaceship on Blind Faith's self titled album - [bobseidemann.com, photographer].

Photographer Bob Seidemann was hired for the cover design of Eric Clapton's new band in 1969. He titled his striking image of innocence meets human achievement Blind Faith. The name stuck for the group. The album art was changed (to a band picture) for the US release, but album art censorship is nothing new.

Posted by Eric Fritz on February 24, 2008 01:30 PM

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