August 09, 2007

Warren Flanagan's CD Packaging Design for Symphony X's Paradise Lost

Illustrator and fellow cd designer Warren Flanagan recently completed a stunning design for Symphony X, a progressive metal band. The package for the release Paradise Lost includes a full color booklet, custom die cuts and packaging... Wow! It's some of the finest futuristic/fantasy art you'll find anywhere. Our congrats to Warren, whose other work includes concept illustration for X-Men: The Last Stand, Rise of the Silver Surfer and the upcoming 2008 movieThe Incredible Hulk .

Check out the detail and a revealing animation of Warren Flanagan's cd packaging design for Paradise Lost.

Mr. Flanagan describes the project:
"The project started back in may 2006...two years earlier I had purchased 'The Odyssey' - I thought that album was astounding.. very cinematic and inspiring ...I am a concept designer in the film industry (projects include: I, Robot, X-Men: The Last Stand and Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer) and i would start getting inspiration in painting from their music!

When I heard that the band were releasing paradise lost as the new record I felt compelled to contact the bands manager-Gunter ford and asked if I could contribute the art direction for the new album.. fortunately for me.. both Gunter and guitarist Michael Romeo liked my work and agreed to hire me for the project!

After an initial conversation about the concept and tone of the new material - I set to work on the panoramic cover...and from there I elaborated on it by doing additional 'cinematic' images for the booklet, thus creating an overall visual narrative to compliment the music.

The main thing for me was to create artwork that had the feel of the classic albums of the late 70's-80's that I had grown up with and give it a modern feel - I was very influenced by the Dio 'Holy Diver' cover and the Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden stuff. I remember as a child my first inspiration was in Jeff Wayne's musical version of 'War of the Worlds' - that inspired me to want to be an artist! So I think a lot of those influences are in this artwork.

When it came to the package design and graphic layout I collaborated with Patrick Zahorodniuk - a colleague of mine that I work with extensively in the film industry - together we developed a die cut digi pack that reflected the narrative set forth by the new was quite a painless process mainly because we decided to do a 3d pre-vis (pre-visualization) animation of the cd (provided by Milena Zdravkovic) so that the band, the label and manufacturers knew exactly what the final product was going to look like." - Warren Flanagan

Posted by Eric Fritz on August 9, 2007 05:40 PM